Civic Media Lab | CML Launches Environmental Journalism Classes
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CML Launches Environmental Journalism Classes

CML Launches Environmental Journalism Classes

Civic Media Lab is  subject of environmental sustainability is fast dominating the news; this has made the term Environmental Journalism popular.

The Environmental Journalism Workshop organised by The Green Institute and hosted by Civic Media Lab located at 13A Isaac John, GRA Ikeja Lagos was an eye opener for budding environmental journalists. Speaking at the event were Adenike Akinsemolu; Founder of The Green Institute and Wana Udobang; a journalist, poet and filmmaker. The event was anchored by Odunayo Aliu, the Campus Director of the Green Campus Initiative.

Adenike Akinsemolu elaborated on the science of climate change and how the scientific jargons can be translated into everyday language of the people. She spoke on how journalism can help win the battle of climate change using practical examples. Wana Udobang spoke extensively on the importance of writing a story that is relevant. She walked the participants through the basics of Journalism and also highlighted the ethics of the profession.

Working in groups of four; each participant developed stories on these four major environmental issues: Pollution, Deforestation, Waste and Flooding. As reinforcement, best stories will be published on the Institute’s website.

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